In English

I only write English posts in Amplify. So far, I’ve written the following amps.

Experiences sell in tourism

A short amp about the recent report on British travelers and how they have changed their online behavior.See this Amp at my amplify.

Formula behind Facebook news feed

I Amplified Chris Sietsema’s blog post about how Facebook generates its news feed and how companies may affect to this personal news feed. See this Amp at my Amplify.

Not social enough for everyone

An amp about Mark Henricks’ discussion on the study published by Maryland’s Center for Service Excellence. In my opinion, we still lack of discussion about economic and reasonable ways to make good use of social media. See this Amp at My Amplify.

Converting virtual contacts into real-life customers

Marketers have only recently become conscious about how to convert online fans, friends, and other contacts into real customers. See this Amp at my Amplify.

Less is more – and controllable

Comments on Chris Brogan’s blog post about how to build up an appropriate media platform for business. See this Amp at my Amplify.

It’s about the time for forecasting 2011

John Jantsch predicts five trends that shape businesses in 2011. One of them is converting online prospects to offline commerce. See this Amp at my Amplify.